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Sterling GSM Modem with API & SMS Gateway

Sterling GSM is an advance Window-based, SMS monitoring solution that enables the Independent Software Developer (ISD), System Integrator and MIS department to easily plug from our SMS module into the existing application system. This solution does not only help you to save cost and time, it is also a complete and dedicated system when you deploy the SMS module for your customer.

Product Overview

* Auto Read the message sent by your application
* Managing customer base, by grouping import customer list from any text file.
* Receive SMS from customers
* Compose SMS

Bulk SMS
* Auto Send SMS
* Resend SMS for failed sent SMS
* Filtered by Telco
* Filter SMS by name, message, subject, date and mobile no.
* Export incoming messages to text file

Send SMS
* Send SMS manually
* Send SMS to a contact or multiple contacts
* Send SMS to a group or multiple groups
* Template – use message from template for convenience

Contact Manager
* Create contact
* Create/Delete/Rename group
* Assign contact by group or groups
* Search contact by name and mobile number
* Import contact from text file

SMS Accounting
* Accounting for SMS Sent
* Filtered by Telco, Telephone No., Date Range and etc

Security Management
* Create different user accounts for different users - Manager, clerk etc
* Assigned user rights based on their roles

* One set of GSM Modem
* Antenna
* USB or RS232 cable

System Requirements

The followings are the hardware and software requirements to run Sterling GSM:

Operating system:
* From Windows XP onwards

Recommended Memory:
* 1 GB is recommended

Disk Space:
* Program and data files will occupy approximately 1 GB

* Minimum display resolution setting: 1024 x 768

1 SIM Card (pre-paid or post-paid)
* Does not require internet connection

Warranty Policy:

Sterlingsoft offers the following warranty for every purchase of:-

GSM Modem – 12 months warranty.

This warranty covers the repair or replacement if the product is defective at the discretion of Sterlingsoft.

Please note that the warranty shall be void if the product is damaged or improperly used by the customer.