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Sterling 2S Plus - Fleet Maintenance Management System (FMMS)


"A fleet management software system that supervisors and employees will fall in LOVE with"



Sterling 2S Plus is a leading fleet management software improves fleet productivity and provides the data needed for better, more-informed decision making. Everything from detailed fleet vehicle tracking, fleet maintenance scheduling, work order management, parts inventory tracking are part of Sterling 2S Plus Fleet Management Maintenance software solution. A flexible software platform gives Sterling 2S Plus the ability to configure solutions to meet the unique tracking requirements of a variety of fleets. With a system matched to your processes, you'll gain maximum return on investment and get one step closer to reaching your fleet management goals.


Why you will increase productivity with Sterling 2S Plus System:

          - Easy-to-use software that all users, from fleet managers to technicians, can benefit from.
          - Flexible and configurable to match specific fleet tracking needs.
          - Quickly and efficiently replaces old, laborious fleet management systems.
          - Scalable to accommodate changes in your organization over the long-term.
          - Supported by a best-in-industry technical support team.



Product Overview


* Registration of Work Order
* Monitor repair work from Work Order to Job Sheet to Billing and Payment
* Packages for fast billing


Vehicle Record Management
* Vehicle history and comment
* Fast vehicle search on 'Vehicle No.', 'Owner', 'Telephone No.' or 'model'
* Vehicle visit history

* Gate Pass

* Vehicle Ready for Collection

* Monitoring of Internal Job to Third Party Workshop

* Email and SMS notification to PIC for readiness
* Work Order registration and mailing labels
* Warranty Tracking


Billing and Payment Management
* Cash billing or Invoice Billing
* Private billing and Corporate Billing
* Item discount or Bill discount
* Item Tax or Bill Tax (Goods and Service Tax)
* Payment in single or payment modes - CASH, CHEQUE, VISA, MASTER etc 
* Payment for multiple invoices
* Private and Corporate account detailing debit and credit transaction, and showing account balance and statement


Inventory Control
* Item master list 
* Safety stock level checks

* Stock Count Sheet
* Item label printing
* Stock taking and inventory quantity adjustment
* Goods receive notes


Report Manager
* Daily, weekly, yearly and year-to-date reports
* Daily sales and daily collection reports
* Breakdown by services, payment mode, mechanic and vehicle 
* Inventory status
* and many other useful reports


Security Manager
* Create user accounts for different operators
* Assign user rights and the screen display

* Triple Level Security


STERLING 2S Plus can be installed in a networked environment and multiple location. It is designed for single and multiple users.


STERLING 2S Plus comes with e-mail support. We accept cheque, bank draft or postal order/money and telegraphic transfer.