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Sterling Computerized Maintenance Management System

The Sterling Computerized Maintenance Management System (Sterling CMMS) is a powerful system designed exclusively for service-related businesses to help you save time and stay organized in managing your information. It is a cost effective solution that automates daily processes to improve productivity and increase efficiency of your business.

If providing services to your Fleet, Plant, Building and Facilities at the highest possible standard is the aim of your organization, Sterling CMMS is THE solution for you!

Product Overview

Asset Registration Management
* Bill of Material
* Location
* Asset Registration
* Warranty / Control Management

Work Flow Management
* Work Order Registration
* Job Dispatch
* Work Record
* Job Closing

Preventive Maintenance Management
* Preventive Maintenance Registration
* Preventive Maintenance Chart – Graphic Interface

Repair History Management
* Repair History by
* Full details of repair history – dig into next level

Inventory Control Management
* Purchase order
* Goods received notes
* Parts Issued
* Parts Returned

Inquiry Management
* Asset Service History
* Preventive Maintenance
* Service Escalation
* Stock Movement

Report Management
* Daily, weekly, yearly and up-to-date reports
* Service management reports
* Inventory reports
* and many other useful reports

Security Management
* Create different user groups
* Create different user accounts
* Assigned user rights based on their roles

* Sterling CMMS can be installed on networked environment. It is designed for single and multi-user environment.

System Requirements

The followings are the hardware and software requirements to run Sterling CMMS:

Operating system:
* From Windows XP onwards

Recommended Memory:
* 1 GB is recommended

Disk Space:
* Program and data files will occupy approximately 1 GB

* Minimum display resolution setting: 1024 x 768